Guide to Registering Properties in Delhi

If you are interested in purchasing some properties in Delhi, this guide intends to inform you, how you can register your property to have legal authority over it. It takes you through the process involved in registering a property in Delhi, the city that is home to many large multinational corporations and government offices. 
This guide will take you through each step of the registration process, so that you can approach it with ease.

Registering Property in Delhi

You need to apply to the Sub Registrar's office of the concerned district in Delhi, in order to register your property. The response time on registration is usually 15 days or a little more, if you proceed using paper documentation. If you wish to use the online registration system recently introduced by the Delhi Government, you will receive a response on the day you file your application itself.

Documents Required

The documents required to register properties in Delhi can be either Sale Deed, a Will, a Conveyance Deed, a Gift Deed or Share Certificates. 

The registration fee for all the documents, except for a will, remains the same, 1 per cent of the total value, with an additional charge of Rs. 100. The registration fee for a will is Rs. 600. The stamp duty differs for each document, and is based on gender.

The Registration Procedure for Sale Deeds

If you have a sale deed, the following steps will guide you on how to go about registering your property:

Details Required

You need to provide the details which will be applicable to your property, such as the date of purchase, the property transfer and inheritance issues, the legal ownership document, the proof of payment of all dues such as water bills and property taxes, and the clearance certificate from the urban land ceiling authorities.

Drafting a Legal Agreement

The next step you have to take, is drafting a legal agreement. This has to be made on a stamp paper, and you have to make an advance payment to the vendor. Make sure you mention a time period for the registration.

Completion of Registration

A property registration attorney will prepare the document, and the final deed will be printed with stamp duty certificates.

The final step involves the stamping, execution and registration of the document at the sub registrar's office. For this step, you need to be present at the office with the buyer and two witnesses. You will also need your identification documents for completing this step.

Once this is completed, the documents will be handed over to you in 30 minutes, after the submission of the payment receipt.

Online Registration in Delhi

You can register your properties in Delhi quickly, by using the online registration portal that ensures transparency in the process.

Your registration will be completed on the day you file an application.

Filing an Application

To file an application, you must have a pre-fixed appointment online or over the phone. This is so that you receive a unique appointment number, date and time to approach the sub registrar’s office. You can reach out to the appointed officials online, through the resource department website and receive your documents on the same day.

You can register 32 different property document types at the sub-registrar office. The office will have the details about your registration process, along with the forms required and the document set you need to provide. You can use the online calculator provided to determine the stamp duty based on the details you provide. You can purchase e-stamp paper, once the stamp duty is calculated.

Verification Process

Once you complete this, you can head to the sub-registrar's office, where your application is checked. Then, someone will direct you to the correct representative. You have to enter with an electronic access card, after which your documents and identity will be verified. You need to clear this step in order to appear in front of the sub registrar.

Completion of Registration

You will receive your registration documents in the evening, between 4-6 pm. This process makes the registration of property in Delhi much more user friendly, easy and transparent.

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A Quick Overview of the South Chennai Property Market

The property market of south Chennai has been performing considerably well in the recent past with integrated townships and reasonable rental values striking a chord with the end users. Read the following post to know more about the realty souk of south Chennai.


The Chennai real estate market is typically end user driven. Among the three segments, the residential realty market still has the maximum number of bidders. If we invest sometime in analysing the dynamics of the real estate market of Chennai, we will find out that every corner of the city has recorded some variations in growth in the dynamics of the micro markets. 

Though compared to other cities, the rental market of Chennai has not been performing that well. However, in the short run, an upward movement within the residential realty market is expected to witness an upward movement. Over time, this is also expected to boost the demand for rental houses in Chennai, thus increasing the prices of residential property in Chennai.

South Chennai Property Market

South Chennai is one of the most posh areas of the city. The region is home to industries such as automobile, electronic manufacturing and of course the Information Technology (IT). Other industries include the south Indian film industry. These have been the key drivers of the real estate market of Chennai - whether commercial or residential. 

The residential real estate market of South Chennai has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent past with huge investments from the NRIs. This has led to the construction of new-age residential properties like duplexes and penthouses. Recently, the concepts of serviced apartments have become quite popular in the region. 

Similarly, the commercial real estate market in south Chennai has also gained importance owing to the flourishing IT/ITeS sector. Business Parks, IT Parks and plush office buildings define the landscape of the region. Major localities include Old Mahabalipuram Road, Perungudi, Thalambur, Kelambakkam and Grand Southern Trunk Road. Areas like East Coast Road, Velachery-Tambram have scored extremely well in within the residential realty segment.

Key Features of the South Chennai Property Market  

The Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) has stretch has witnessed a huge upsurge in the real estate market in the last twelve months. There has been multiple project launches along the 26 kilometres stretch that has recorded great absorption level at the same time. However, real estate prices relative to the location continues to remain a key determinant in the success of a product.

Neighbourhoods of Karapakkam, Perungudi and Thuraipakkam have recorded sales figures that are moderate mainly due to the existing levels of prices and a dearth of infrastructure. Ample small-scale residential realty projects have dotted this region falling within the price band of INR 5000-6000 per square feet. In the coming months, the locality is expected to observe the infusion of fresh supply.

Localities of Sholinganallur and Perumbakkam are two major micro-markets of the residential real property of south Chennai. These localities are not only expected to witness a spree of residential products that would be launched in the coming months.

Strategically located Velachery-Tambaram road has been a hub of real estate activities in the recent past. Its appropriate location, clubbed with outstanding connectivity to suburban localities, has helped in retaining the real property prices of the micro markets. The region has recorded an appreciation of at least 10% during the last 12 months.

Integrated township projects are being launched in the locality of Semmancherry that has already recorded ample advance booking. Siruseri on the other hand, houses the biggest IT Park in Asia. It is also witnessing the development of some mid-segment projects. Some new launches are expected to come up in the near future.

The following table highlights the residential property rates of South Chennai

Average Capital Values
Rentals for 2BHK (INR/month)
4500 -5500
4200 -5000
4000 - 4750
12000 -14000
3750 -5000
3200- 3750
8000- 10000

ICICI Property Services Group

Small Properties in Thane, Mumbai (Guest Post - Rashmi Karan)

The Increased property rates in Mumbai have forced the buyers to move towards the suburban localities of the city, one of which include Thane East and West. Thane is among those suburban localities around Mumbai that offers good options for the buyers belonging to the middle-income group. This area serves as the perfect investment destination for the mid income buyers.

The Infrastructure

Spread over an area of 147 square kilometres and ensures excellent connectivity with Mumbai through various linking roads, which are the State Highway 42 and the Eastern & Western Expressways. Thane has very good rail connectivity through the local rail lines between Thane-Vashi and Thane-Panvel. It is also well connected to other neighbouring suburbs through the suburban rail network of Central Railway.

The Localities

Localities like Dombivali, State Highway 42, also known as Ghodbunder Road, Badlapur, and Kalyan West alone account for around 40% of the total supply of 1 BHK units in Thane. These areas have also witnessed tremendous infrastructural developments along with modernization with the construction of several shopping malls, and other commercial establishments. Such developments have greatly improved the growth prospects of the localities.

The most popular types of housing units in both Thane East and West are the 1 BHK flats. The buyers look forward to invest in the 1 BHK flats as compared to a 2 BHK or a 3 BHK flat. Undoubtedly, Mumbai is the winner when it comes to demand for small sized flats and homes. However, due to spiraling property rates in Mumbai, people have started to shift to the suburban locations to find less costly accommodation, and this has certainly given a boost to the realty segment of Thane.

The main reason why people look out for smaller flats is that they think it is better to invest in flats rather paying a hefty sum as rentals. These days, the rentals of a 1 BHK flat and the EMI on a home loan are equivalent. In fact, in certain localities, the rentals are much higher than these EMIs, suggest the market experts.

Reasons for growth of Thane as Realty Hub

Some of the remarkable reasons for the growth of Thane as real estate destination are excellent connectivity with Mumbai and other suburbs, infrastructural developments, and lesser capital values. Thane has built up its buyer’s base for small sized homes. Flats having a total built up area of 500-650 sq. ft. are available in the price range of Rs. 3,000-4,500 per sq. ft. If you wish to buy a 500 sq. ft. property in Thane West or East, you will have to pay somewhere around Rs. 15 lakh. On an average, the price range of 1 BHK flats in these localities is somewhere between Rs. 15-32 lakh, which is pretty affordable.

A number of builders who were earlier targeting Mumbai for development of new projects have now headed towards Thane and have rode the wave of success. Some of the builders and developers like Indoasian Buildcon Pvt. Ltd., Lodha Group, Siddhi Real Estate Developers, Kabra Builders, Puranik Builders, Swami Developers, Skylark Constructions Pvt. Ltd., to name a few, are offering 1 BHK flats in Thane West and East. In addition, the interested buyers can also look forward to invest in the 1 BHK flats in Dombivali East and Kalyan West also.

If the market experts are to be believed, Thane has been able to attract the buyers owing to availability of properties at affordable rates, and such growth is expected to continue in future. Those who have a detailed knowledge of the market, expect that there will certainly be a hike in the prices of properties in Thane. Some new realty developments are also planned.

Rental Property Scenario in Hyderabad

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to share our first Guest Post by Mr. Kunal Chhibber. Our guest has shared his views about the esteemed rental-investment options in Hyderabad. Please note that we did share our views on Hyderabad Real Estate some time back which was also featured on Mission Telangana. We thank our guest writer for his article.

Rental Property Scenario in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has attracted various research, manufacturing and financial companies. This city has become the fifth largest contributor to the country’s overall gross domestic product. Large numbers of people are planning to get settled in this city and if you are also one of those working professionals or students who are looking forward to know more about the houses for rent or for sale in this city, then this article will guide you the best way.

As we all know the cost of living in Hyderabad is quite economical than other metro cities in India. People coming from different cities to work for big giants prefer rentals in Hyderabad property, more than purchasing it. Huge numbers of people are job seekers who come and search for temporary accommodation in Hyderabad to start or make their career.

Property Market In Hyderabad

Real Estate market is a good investing option in today's time where you can invest your money. Be it the residential or the commercial property, the prices are always increasing in cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc. There are plenteous residential or commercial properties which are ready to move. In case you looking to invest in a commercial or residential land then it will definitely fetch you a lot of money. Also, making investment in such properties, which are rented easily, is always a good deal.

2-3 BHK houses for rent in Hyderabad ranges from 10 to 25 thousand per month whereas the penthouses or villas may cost you in lakhs per month. If you are an investor then buying a property is a good idea as this way that you can lease it out for some good source of monthly income.

Apart from this, there are end numbers of upcoming residential and commercial projects which seems to be quite profitable investment. Many investors are buying these properties for the purpose of rent whereas few of them purchase to sell after earning a good amount of growth or appreciation. The booming real estate industry assures lucrative returns.

With the onset of a developing realty industry, the property developers are enhancing their outreach in Hyderabad. You will find a good range of options for accommodation in the city. Starting from 1 BHK to large independent bungalows, all are available on rent. Some of the most popular locations in the city include Banjara Hills, S.R. Nagar, Kondapur and Hi-Tech City. These areas have a range of property offerings suiting your requirements. You can also get furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished houses, suiting your necessity. It will be extremely helpful if you do a thorough research on all the possible resources to find a good accommodation. In case you are very new in Hyderabad, there could be numerous details to guide you on the web. Also, contacting real estate agent and brokers can get you the best deal.

Therefore, if your an immigrant and are not sure of how long you will be living in this city, going for a rental accommodation is the best choice. With property developers rapidly constructing residential complexes in the city of Hyderabad, you will always have a varied range of options suiting your requirements and budget.

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Industrial Real Estate – A Treasure?

We recently came across some assignments in industrial area and that gave the way to this post. We thought of accessing this area as an option of investment and after analyzing, we came up with many interesting conclusions.

What is Industrial Real Estate?

All the land and properties located in the manufacturing zone of a city/town can be categorized under the category of Industrial Real Estate. This includes:

  • Industrial Land
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Industrial Storage Spaces
  • Industrial Laboratories
  • Industrial Offices, etc.

In simple words, each and every realty asset class, related to the production/manufacturing of goods & located in the Government-specified industrial areas comes under the periphery of Industrial Real Estate.

What if you don’t have any industry/production unit?

This is the main issue that every investor faces while investing in industrial area. Even we were facing the same issue from a long time and now we are hunting desperately for an industrial asset. Let’s see what made us change our mind.

Unprecedented Rental Returns
As has been our philosophy, we pay equal heed to rental returns as appreciation returns; we were astonished by the potential of industrial properties in this aspect.

An industrial land is capable of paying a rental return to the tune of 200% more than an equivalent investment in residential property.

Take for instance, an amount of 5 million INR invested in residential property in India will yield a rent in the range of 8K-12K INR per month; while an equivalent amount invested in industrial area will yield anywhere between 20k-25k INR per month.
Huge Asset Creation
Industrial property transactions are dealt in square meters rather than square foots or square yards. The reason being, land is relatively cheaper in industrial areas and the availability is abundant.

Hence once invested in an industrial area, you will have a huge asset created at your disposal.
Future Option
In case you or your heirs think of moving into the manufacturing sector, you won’t have to worry as you will have your own land to start the production unit on.

Of course this reason looks stupid and insane but trust us, sooner or later most of us faces this issue. We want to start our production unit, but are inhibited due to the land scarcity issues.
Steady Land Appreciation
Also for our readers who are motivated more by the value appreciation rather than rental aspects, industrial real estate provides awesome prospects.

Industrial land appreciates at a slower but steady rate and at the end of a period of 5-10 years; one can expect handsome returns on his investment.

How can I invest in this arena?

  • Look for a cheap land on a property portal on your city and grab a decent amount, in the range of 1000-5000 meter squares
  • Get 2-3 sheds constructed of about the size 300 meter squares each
  • Put up your property for rent and enjoy the spectacular returns for life!

What are the risks in this type of investment? <link> 

  • You may be unable to find a tenant for your property: No issues, you have an asset and sooner or later you will find one.
  • Too much investment upfront: Think of it this way – which other asset class promises you the same passive returns on same investment?
  • Land may get acquired by government if unused: More reasons to cheer up in this case as the new land acquisition law provides more than awesome returns upon acquisition.

Closing Thoughts

We have surveyed a lot in this arena and have come up with the above conclusions. This was the only reason that we took so much time to write this post. After our research and analysis, we feel that we made a big mistake by not investing in this sector earlier. But this is our understanding; you may definitely differ here.

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