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World Trade Center (WTC) in Noida - New Gateway of Seamless Opportunities

Noida is emerging as one of most repudiated metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Gurgaon etc. and becomes the first choice when it comes to choosing destination for new comer professionals and employer to maintain their business reputations. Hundreds of MNCs has already established their base in Noida and growing day by day with the wealth and seamless opportunities present in the environment.

WTC aka IT Business Park located at Noida Sector 16 has multiple offices of different MNC companies and has strength of over thousands of employees working in the day shift as well as in night shift. WTC is mainly New York based company working from since last 55 years. It has offices in over 330 cities i.e. 110 Countries. When it comes to choose the right environments for shaping employees career, nothing would be better than getting placed in such great IT Park and that’s why thousands of new comer or professionals relocate in this high tech society with a dream to get a job in such places.

What are the main attractions of WTC Noida?

Among the multiple benefits of WTC, you can find some most interesting and useful benefits of placed here or to give your business a better place:

  • Developers of WTC Noida are offering assured 12% returns to companies every year
  • World class facility and modern infrastructure designed by professional architects from around the world
  • Office spaces ranging from 350 sq ft to 1000 sq ft is available. No matter how big your employee’s strength is or how much space do your business need, WTC Noida has it already
  • 24 Hour Wi-Fi connectivity in every corner of the office and earthquake resistant to make it secure from minor earthquakes. Moreover, 24 Hours power backup and continue fresh water supply is delivered
  • Top class security and well trained guards all around the campus premises is placed. That makes you feel like one of the best secure place to work and perform your business meetings

About the Author

Abhay is an enthusiastic writer and regular contributor at a Real Estate blog named Master Plans India.

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Reader Queries [RQ] – Investment along Yamuna Expressway?

One of our readers – Dr. Shama Idris has asked us following questions about Yamuna Expressway Real Estate scenario:

  • Is it viable to invest in the ongoing projects on Yamuna Expressway?
  • How long will it take before the area becomes busy, bustling with easy means of transportation?
  • It appears unfit for living at the moment, how long will it take to be a good destination?

As we believe that our other readers would also be interested in the answers to the above queries, we decided to write a post on this topic. Here we go.

What is the purpose of your interest?

 Dear Dr. Idris, before reading our answers to your questions, we would request you to first decide whether you are looking at the said property for the purpose of Investment or for Residing. This is important because the scenario will differ in both the cases.

Current Scenario of Yamuna Expressway

Although the properties along Yamuna Expressway Corridor started off at an alarming rate, but the present scenario speak a different tale altogether. The prices have been almost stagnant in the range of INR 2000 per sq. ft. to INR 4000 per sq. ft. from last 2 years. To add to more woes, prices have fallen in some of the projects recently.

What do you think is the reason behind this? Let’s see.

Political upturn in the State – The previous State Government in Uttar Pradesh (where this expressway is located) started off this project and was very enthusiastic about the development along this corridor. This is the reason why several allied projects like Buddha Racing Course, Hotels etc. came along so rapidly. But with a change in the Government, all the intentions took a U-turn and looks like the new government is not-so-keen in accelerating this project.

Demand-Supply mismatch – As has been an old tale in this market, real estate builders & developers flood every area with projects where at least one of them sees the potential. Same is true for Yamuna Expressway! Today there is plethora of projects (ongoing & completed) present along this expressway. Result – there are fewer buyers than suppliers! The above scenario too forces the land prices to decrease gradually.

Too much investment but no habitation – Most of the people who have purchased properties here have purchased them for investment, not for self-residence. This has created a situation that even while much of the properties have been sold, but the area still exists deserted. Consequently the connectivity to mainland Delhi through public transportation is limited here. This situation inhibits anybody who wishes to reside in this area as the area is still not so-busy and difficultly accessible.

Negative word-of-mouth – Due to all the above mentioned issues, coupled with other factors like availability of other areas in Delhi-NCR, there has been a wave of negative word-of-mouth about Yamuna Expressway. This has also created unrest among the investors about the area.

Answering your Queries

Query 1: Is it viable to invest in the ongoing projects on Yamuna Expressway?

Answer: If you ask us our personal opinion, we would say that it depends on your purpose of investment and its time horizon.

  • For long term (5-10 years): it seems to be a decent investment.
  • For shorter terms: We are afraid, it may not be fruitful to invest here as appreciation would be small and there would not be so much rental gains as well.

Query 2: How long will it take before the area becomes busy, bustling with easy means of transportation?

Query 3: It appears unfit for living at the moment, how long will it take to be a good destination?

Answer:  Nothing can be said with 100% surety, but as per our analysis it should take at least 3-4 years more for this area to become busy and be a decent destination. Reason being, we can expect a change in government policies and development of accessibility channels to this area in upcoming years.

Disclaimer: All the above analysis of the area has been done by RealT Horizon and we hold no interest with any particular developer or project at Yamuna Expressway! Investors should make a rationale decision based on their analysis and cognisance before investing here.

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Guide to Registering Properties in Delhi

If you are interested in purchasing some properties in Delhi, this guide intends to inform you, how you can register your property to have legal authority over it. It takes you through the process involved in registering a property in Delhi, the city that is home to many large multinational corporations and government offices. 
This guide will take you through each step of the registration process, so that you can approach it with ease.

Registering Property in Delhi

You need to apply to the Sub Registrar's office of the concerned district in Delhi, in order to register your property. The response time on registration is usually 15 days or a little more, if you proceed using paper documentation. If you wish to use the online registration system recently introduced by the Delhi Government, you will receive a response on the day you file your application itself.

Documents Required

The documents required to register properties in Delhi can be either Sale Deed, a Will, a Conveyance Deed, a Gift Deed or Share Certificates. 

The registration fee for all the documents, except for a will, remains the same, 1 per cent of the total value, with an additional charge of Rs. 100. The registration fee for a will is Rs. 600. The stamp duty differs for each document, and is based on gender.

The Registration Procedure for Sale Deeds

If you have a sale deed, the following steps will guide you on how to go about registering your property:

Details Required

You need to provide the details which will be applicable to your property, such as the date of purchase, the property transfer and inheritance issues, the legal ownership document, the proof of payment of all dues such as water bills and property taxes, and the clearance certificate from the urban land ceiling authorities.

Drafting a Legal Agreement

The next step you have to take, is drafting a legal agreement. This has to be made on a stamp paper, and you have to make an advance payment to the vendor. Make sure you mention a time period for the registration.

Completion of Registration

A property registration attorney will prepare the document, and the final deed will be printed with stamp duty certificates.

The final step involves the stamping, execution and registration of the document at the sub registrar's office. For this step, you need to be present at the office with the buyer and two witnesses. You will also need your identification documents for completing this step.

Once this is completed, the documents will be handed over to you in 30 minutes, after the submission of the payment receipt.

Online Registration in Delhi

You can register your properties in Delhi quickly, by using the online registration portal that ensures transparency in the process.

Your registration will be completed on the day you file an application.

Filing an Application

To file an application, you must have a pre-fixed appointment online or over the phone. This is so that you receive a unique appointment number, date and time to approach the sub registrar’s office. You can reach out to the appointed officials online, through the resource department website and receive your documents on the same day.

You can register 32 different property document types at the sub-registrar office. The office will have the details about your registration process, along with the forms required and the document set you need to provide. You can use the online calculator provided to determine the stamp duty based on the details you provide. You can purchase e-stamp paper, once the stamp duty is calculated.

Verification Process

Once you complete this, you can head to the sub-registrar's office, where your application is checked. Then, someone will direct you to the correct representative. You have to enter with an electronic access card, after which your documents and identity will be verified. You need to clear this step in order to appear in front of the sub registrar.

Completion of Registration

You will receive your registration documents in the evening, between 4-6 pm. This process makes the registration of property in Delhi much more user friendly, easy and transparent.

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