The founder was highly fascinated by the obnoxiously high ROIs in the Real Estate sector. He wanted to make a foray into this as soon as possible. But only after acquiring business acumen during his MBA and interning in his favorite sector – ‘Real Estate Financing’ he realized that right now this sector in India is very nascent, no more than a junk!

Highly unorganized, with no protocols & supply chain inefficiencies, this sector is in for a series of radical changes. If you observe, there are humongous projects going on in the Tier 1 cities, but least concern is shown for the Next Tier, the next wave.

This website aims at unfolding and discovering new horizons in the to-be upcoming Tier 2/3 cities and realizing the potential of ‘organizing’ the ‘unorganized’ RealT Sector in India.

Lets see to what extent will we be able to do justice with our attempt to 'unlearn' the orthodox Real Estate & mould it into a new 'RealT Horizon'! :-)


Founder has an experience of 2 years in a leading IT firm of India. Coming from a family of Civil Engineers, he has an inherent passion for this sector and has closely observed it right from the childhood. Having done his MBA in Finance from Narsee Monji Institute of Management Studies, he witnessed the roots of realities in the business world. With an opportunity of being a Big 4’s Consultant, he has a vision to rationalize the investment decisions and strategies in the real estate domain.

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