Kochi, often termed as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ has its nickname derived from the fact that this place is extremely beautiful & hence always has been one of the most visited place by the tourists. Nonetheless, these days this name - Kochi is making news not because of its beauty, but due to the Real Estate business boom it is experiencing. There are several who are now showing keen curiosity about acquiring home in the city of Kochi. These days not only the residents, but the NRIs are also showing high interests in purchasing homes in this city.

The question arises - Why is there this quick increase inside the aspect of real estate property in this area? Moreover, will it prove to be a good investment to the investors?

There are several reasons for the development of this city and none of these reasons can be pointed out separately. This place is located at an incredibly strategic position with easy access to all the modes of transport – Air, Road, Rail & Water. Also, its proximity to the emerging trade capitals of the World located in the South East Asia gives it the additional boost in terms of location. Many industries have thus established their setup in this area including several international MNCs. Now, these companies are attracting many workers from all over the country to this city leading to following benefits:

  • There has recently been growth of non-commercial residential areas for residents
  • The communication network in this area is becoming absolutely excellent
  • The ambiance on the town is growing reasonably good
  • It is increasingly becoming one of the safest cities in India

Many of the new projects are being constructed in this city by the popular builders. These high quality projects encompass all the aspects & features which you can count upon to render a lavish urban life. The jobs are properly befitting using the advanced social structure in this place. Here you will find 1 BHK, 2 BHK along with 3BHK flats to buy from them. Likewise, you also get to choose from a wide array of independent villas or the enormous land on this place without virtually any hassle. In other words, it is reasonably profitable to invest your money in Kochi, in literally any form of the property.

All these reasons coupled with upcoming business opportunities form a solid base for real estate growth in Kochi. Thousands of tourists come & visit Cochin every year & it surly contributes a lot to the growth of real estate in Kochi.

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Best locations to buy a Home in India in 2015

Oh! Looks like you are thinking of buying a home. Why not think of buying a home in the most sorted locations in India in 2015? Well then grab that steaming cup of coffee, pull your bean bag and relax. We have an assorted list for you.

1) How about settling in the city that never sleeps? Yes! Mumbai

Localities like Ulwe and Chembur in Mumbai are one of those fashionable residential destinations, which have a lot on offer. Apart from great projects and great lifestyle, they assure great return on investment too.

2) What about the national capital- Delhi?

In Delhi, Noida Extension, Delhi-NCR and Dwarka Expressway, Delhi-NCR have an edge over other emerging destinations as they cherish proximity to both the city and the International Airport. These destinations are also foreseeing noticeable price appreciation in the years to come.

3) Oh! How could we forget Pune – The Oxford of the East?

Pune's prominent localities like Hinjewadi, Aundh, Kodhwa and Kharadi in Pune are dotting commendable rise in residential development. A home to prestigious projects, these locations are developing at a fast pace.

4) What's more from the biryani land- Hyderabad?

Forget the biryani and a peculiar lingo, Hyderabad too holds the stage as one of the most economical cities for one to reside. The places like Hi-Tech City, Manikonda, Kukatpally are indeed dream destinations to buy a home.

5) Not to miss- Namma Bengaluru!

Growing with an unmatchable pace, Bengaluru is a popular residential destination. Locations like Whitefield, Rammurthi Nagar, Bannerghatta Road and Marathahali stand as apt locales for residing.

Shortlist your favourite! We hope there is a house warming ceremony soon. Happy Browsing!

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How to Find the Right New York City Apartment To Rent?

Finding the right rental apartment, especially in a busy place like NYC, is not an easy task. Just collecting all the information you need to have is a huge burden. On top of that, dealing with rental brokers can make your apartment rental search a dreadful process. That’s why it makes sense to get help from experienced apartment rental professionals who can make your search easier, quicker, and less expensive?

Here’s how to search for New York City apartments.

Start your search with a licensed Apartment Information Vendor (AIV). You will set the budget and the neighborhoods that you are interested in. Here’s why you want to start with a New York City based AIV.

·     An apartment rental service provides a large list of NYC apartments that lets you make a choice based on YOUR needs, convenience and budget.

·     If you are new to renting an apartment in NYC, look for a rental service that provides a comprehensive rental guide.

·   Apartment rental services believe you would prefer to save the hugely expensive broker’s fee. When you are introduced to a property by a broker, you are obligated to pay the broker's fee if you want to rent the apartment, which adds a large cost to you – from one month’s rent all the way up to just less than two months of rent (15% of the first year’s rent!). With the right apartment rental service, you will NEVER pay a broker’s fee.

A good rental service will help you stay organized during your search and be properly prepared for the application process. Timing and advanced preparation are the keys to a successful apartment search.

Choosing the Right Apartment Rental Service – What should you consider?

Apartment Information Vendors serve as marketplaces where renters can find the best no fee apartments in NYC with ease and convenience. Using a broker to help you in your search for a rental apartment means that you will, almost definitely, being paying a broker’s commission – or broker’s fee as most people call it.

So when you select a NYC Apartment Information Vendor to help you in your apartment search, look for these additional benefits:

Experienced Service: Does the AIV have the expertise and inventory to help you find an apartment within your budget and neighborhood needs? Whether you are looking for a rent-stabilized studio or a two bedroom in a luxury apartment building, an apartment information vendor must provide you with a wide selection of apartments to look at.

Reputation: There's probably nothing that speaks louder for the reliability of a service provider than the reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Make sure you look for company testimonials and longevity. If a company has been around for a year or so, watch out. If the company’s roots go back 20 years, then you know they must be doing it right.

Live Customer Service: Getting into the New York City apartment of your choice can be a bit tricky at times. You want an experienced coach to help guide you on the ins and outs of getting a landlord’s approval. When the time comes, you want to be able to pick up the phone and speak with an expert. Make sure you work with a rental service that has a staff of apartment rental experts happy to help you.

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