Valuation of Real Estate: How can you value your Real Estate Asset?

While laying down on the couch on this lazy Sunday evening, a thought stuck to us: Is there any defined way to value our Realties? Of course there are few in the form of Govt. DLC rates & CMP (current market prices) that gives some indication of the possible value of our real estate properties, but still we miss out many important aspects if we go by these rates. Let’s go back to the basics and first try to slice the term ‘value in real estate’ to finer levels.

What is ‘Value in Real Estate’?

To state in layman terms, value in real estate is created if any of the following dimensions gains weight.

Let’s have a look at these aspects in finer details.


Any asset/object is worthless if it doesn’t create utility for the owner. If real estate property, howsoever costly it may be, is unable to create its worth and use for the owner, then its utility decreases. We hope the following figure can help in explaining this further:

In above case, the utility of cookies decreased with the increase in number of cookies. Same is the case with real estate utility. If the property can’t be utilized to its full value, its utility decreases.


Just compare the price of a commodity (like salt) which is abundantly available to a commodity (like petroleum) which is scarce! Same holds true for Real Estate in the way that properties in an area where there are several options is cheap as compared to the one where no properties are available.


Similar to the above concept of Supply. If a property is in high demand, it is valued more & vice-versa.


Suppose you have bought the bicycle - Litespeed Blade (£25,317)

Just imagine how difficult will it be for you to resell it or make its transactions! Same goes with Real Estate; you invest in some property like this and get stuck to it for your lifetime: literally no value.


The social pride and psychological pleasure is something that no one can monetize. It will be different for each and every individual. Suppose for example, someone will definitely derive immeasurable value by just having the pride of owning the above bicycle.

Let’s demonstrate the entire above concepts using a common example. Suppose you have a family of 2-3 members & have bought the home shown below: (Just an imagination; don’t get carried away! ;-))

Just check its value on different aspects:

Such a big house for just 3 members!! Under-utilization of resources.
Definitely, houses of this sort are not available down the street. It is tough to find such houses. They are scarce.
Demand for such properties depends on buyers, which is generally very less. You will rarely find a buyer looking for such properties.
Tough to transact, definitely!
Un-measurable; if you can take care of the income tax folks!!

Closing Thoughts: These are some of the basics that we thought are vital for any Real Estate Valuation. There are few more technical methods which we will try and cover in our forthcoming posts.

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